Pure App Review – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Hey there, fellow seekers of online connections! Looking for an app that cuts through the clutter and gets straight to the good stuff? Well, hold on tight because we’re about to dive headfirst into a review of Pure App – your ticket to no-nonsense rendezvous in the digital dating world!

Have you ever wished for a dating app that skips all those endless swiping sessions and lengthy profiles with cliché bios? Say hello to Pure App, where simplicity reigns supreme. No frills, no mindless small talk – just real people who know exactly what they want…or do they?

Now, picture this: you stumble upon a mysterious profile. Their photo reveals just enough charm and intrigue to catch your eye. You feel a spark of curiosity tingling up your spine as you wonder, “Who is behind this enigmatic persona?” Will their interests align with yours or will they be way off base? Do they prefer cats over dogs (gasp!) or are you both coffee aficionados who can appreciate a truly velvety latte?

With Pure App’s unique approach that prioritizes spontaneous meet-ups over tedious chit-chatting, you’ll soon find yourself at the exciting crossroads of serendipity and daring adventure! But here’s the million-dollar question: Does it deliver on its promise or leave us yearning for something more substantial?

Get ready to uncover the candid truth behind Pure App – from fleeting encounters to heart-stopping connections forged in seconds. We’ll explore its features like secret chats (ooh la la), self-destructing profiles (Mission Impossible style), and location-based matching algorithms designed to make Cupid himself blush.

So grab your sense of spontaneity by the hand and join us on this electrifying journey as we unravel the secrets of Pure App. Get ready for surprises around every swipe; after all, love rarely follows scripts – but does Pure have what it takes to rewrite the rules? Let’s find out, shall we?

Pros & Cons

  • – Pure App offers a refreshing twist to online dating, focusing solely on getting straight to the point without any unnecessary fluff or small talk.
  • – With its efficient instant chat feature, you can connect with potential hookups in mere seconds and take things from virtual to real life without wasting time.
  • – This no-nonsense hookup app is perfect for those who are upfront about their desires and looking for casual sex rather than a long-term commitment.
  • – Unlike traditional dating sites that can sometimes be overwhelming, Pure App keeps it simple and straightforward, allowing you to browse profiles discreetly and make decisions quickly.
  • – With just a few taps, Pure App creates an exciting playground where like-minded individuals gather to explore their desires, making it an effortless way to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • – The lack of detailed profiles on Pure App can make it difficult to know if you’re really compatible with someone before meeting them.
  • – With its focus on casual sex and hookups, Pure App may not be the ideal choice for those seeking a long-term relationship.
  • – While the instant chat feature is convenient, it can lead to shallow interactions and prevent deeper connections from forming.
  • – If you’re looking for a dating site that offers more than just physical attraction, Pure App’s emphasis on looks might leave you feeling unsatisfied.
  • – Understanding how does Pure work can feel like learning a whole new language, making it less user-friendly compared to other online dating apps.

Similar Sites & Apps

While Pure App is a popular choice among users, there are other dating sites available with similar features. These alternative platforms also offer an instant chat feature that allows users to connect and communicate easily through the chat window. You can find these alternatives on Google Play and explore which platform suits your preferences better.

  • Tinder: A popular dating app similar to other dating sites, available on Google Play. It includes a chat window for instant communication.
  • Bumble: Another dating app that can be found on Google Play. It offers a feature called instant chat enabling users to communicate easily within the app.
  • OkCupid: A well-known dating site and app offering various features, including an instant chat function. It is available for download on Google Play.
  • Match.com: One of the leading dating sites with a companion app on Google Play. It provides an instant chat option for users to interact conveniently.
  • eHarmony: A reputable dating site and app accessible on Google Play. It allows users to engage in instant chat conversations through its platform.

Who’s on Pure App?

Pure App targets a diverse range of user demographics, focusing on individuals seeking casual encounters rather than long-term relationships. The average age of users varies between 25 and 34 years. While targeting primarily young adults, this app also appeals to people across different age groups who are interested in exploring their sexuality or simply enjoying no-strings-attached experiences.

With regard to relationship goals, the majority of Pure App’s users (approximately 75%) express an interest in hooking up rather than forming long-term commitments.

This reflects the app’s emphasis on facilitating quick and spontaneous connections for those seeking temporary enjoyment without any further obligations.

Additionally, Pure App boasts a significant global reach rather than exclusively catering to users from a specific country. Operating across numerous countries worldwide, it has established an international presence that allows people from various backgrounds and nationalities to connect effortlessly while maintaining privacy and anonymity throughout their interactions.

User Profiles

User profiles on Pure App provide an overview of individuals using the platform, allowing users to get to know each other before connecting. These profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone within the app.

When it comes to personal information displayed on profiles, users have control over what they share. While location information is typically included in profiles, there is an option to hide this data if desired. This allows users to maintain their privacy and only reveal their location when they feel comfortable doing so.

One aspect that sets Pure App apart from other dating platforms is its minimalistic approach. Profiles do not include any unnecessary clutter or excessive details, focusing solely on essential information and a user’s photo gallery.

Customizing your bio with unique descriptions about yourself isn’t possible on Pure App as it prioritizes simplicity and clarity.

To enhance user experience, Pure App indicates the distance between two potential matches based on their respective locations. By displaying this distance, users can gauge how far away someone might be before deciding whether or not to engage further. This feature helps ensure potential connections are geographically feasible for those seeking nearby companionship.

Users also have access to premium features through a subscription service called Pure Premium. With a premium account, you’ll enjoy several benefits such as increased visibility among other users and sending unlimited chat requests without limitations usually imposed by free accounts.

Regarding profile authenticity, while fake profiles can appear on any social platform, Pure App has implemented measures designed to minimize them.

The app employs various security protocols and verification procedures during registration but acknowledges that no system can entirely eliminate the possibility of encountering fake profiles.

In terms of privacy settings provided by Pure App, users have control over who can see their content by adjusting their preferences accordingly within the app’s settings menu. Additionally, there is an option provided for signing up with either Google or Facebook accounts for streamlined login purposes – providing convenience while maintaining individual security practices. In conclusion, Pure App offers public user profiles that provide essential information and photo galleries. Location data can be hidden if desired, and while custom bios are not available, the app allows users to gauge distance between potential matches. Premium accounts come with added benefits, although fake profiles may still exist on the platform. Users have control over their profile privacy settings and convenient sign-in options through Google or Facebook.

How Does Pure App Work?

Pure App is a unique online dating platform that has gained popularity for its anonymous and spontaneous approach to connecting individuals. Launched in 2014 by the Pure team, this app effectively eliminates the barriers and time-consuming processes typically associated with traditional dating platforms.

Unlike many other hookup sites or dating apps, Pure App prioritizes simplicity and convenience. It was created with the intention of providing users with an efficient way to explore their desires without any unnecessary complications. The developers recognized that people value their privacy, which is why one key aspect of Pure App is its anonymous nature.

Profiles on Pure App are not displayed publicly as they would be on most other dating apps.

Instead, users remain completely discreet until they mutually express interest in each other through a match feature. This means that personal information remains private until both parties choose to reveal it.

To emphasize even more privacy, there is also an option for anonymous audio chat once a match occurs. This innovative feature allows users to talk and get to know each other better without sharing pictures or revealing their identities upfront. It adds an extra layer of anticipation and fun to the experience while preserving anonymity.

The user base on Pure App consists of diverse individuals seeking various types of connections, from casual encounters to long-term relationships.

No matter what type of relationship someone may desire, they can find like-minded individuals within this community-rich environment.

In addition to its core features, Pure App offers several paid features for those looking for enhanced functionality and increased success rates in finding matches. Users can opt for a trial period or choose a subscription package depending on their needs. These additional features allow them greater control over who sees their profile or increases visibility within the app’s user base.

Overall, the concept behind Pure App revolves around presenting a straightforward approach to modern dating where mutual attraction takes precedence over lengthy conversations and complex introductions. Its emphasis on privacy combined with intuitive features sets it apart from traditional dating platforms in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Searching, Filters and Communications

Are you tired of sifting through countless profiles on other dating apps without finding what you’re looking for? Look no further. Pure App offers a wide range of search filters that allow you to tailor your search and find exactly what you desire. Additionally, with the anonymous audio chat feature, communication becomes more personal and engaging, setting it apart from most other dating apps.

  • Pure App offers an anonymous audio chat feature, allowing users to engage in private conversations without revealing their identities.
  • The platform is supported by the Pure team, ensuring a safe and secure environment for its members.
  • As a hookup site, Pure provides various ways for users to connect with other members who share similar intentions.
  • A paid feature on Pure allows users to access additional functionalities, enhancing their chances of finding compatible matches.
  • Unlike most other dating apps, Pure encourages real-time communication, allowing users to connect quickly and efficiently.

Pure App offers various search options and filters to help users make contact on the platform. Users can find people based on their location, age range, and gender preferences. There is also a “Quick chat” feature that allows for anonymous audio chat with other users.

Additionally, Pure App has a paid feature called Pure Review which verifies profiles to ensure authenticity and safety. These search options and filters set Pure App apart from most other dating apps and provide users with more tailored connections within this online hookup site. The Pure team focuses on creating an intuitive user experience while maintaining anonymity for its users’ peace of mind.

Pricing & Premium Membership on Pure App

The benefits of opting for a paid subscription on Pure App are undeniable. With a paid subscription, users gain access to an array of exclusive features and enhanced functionality that can greatly enhance their experience on the platform. The pricing options offered by Pure App have been carefully designed to be competitive in the market, providing users with attractive value for their investment.

While it is possible to use Pure App without paying, it should be noted that the free version has certain limitations that may hinder the overall user experience.

Compared to other options available on the market, using Pure App without a paid subscription might feel more restricted and less personalized. Opting for a paid subscription caters to individual preferences and allows greater flexibility when connecting with potential matches.

To facilitate seamless transactions, Pure App offers various payment methods that accommodate different preferences. Users have the option to choose from widely accepted methods such as credit or debit cards, PayPal, or other alternatives available through reputable platforms like Google Play Store.

This versatility ensures convenience while safeguarding personal details throughout every step of the payment process.

In conclusion, obtaining a paid subscription on Pure App provides numerous advantages over using solely its free features. The competitively priced subscriptions offer premium functionality tailored toward optimizing one’s usage of this popular social media platform. Furthermore, multiple secure payment methods ensure flexibility and peace of mind during any transaction made towards upgrading your Pure account.

Subscription Option Price Features
7-day trial $14.99 – Access to all premium features
1-month $29.99 – Unlimited chat requests
– Full access to photo vault
– Ability to cancel anytime
3-month $64.99 ($21.66/month) – All the benefits of a 1-month subscription plus:
– Invisible mode
– Advanced search filters
– Ability to see who liked your profile
6-month $89.99 ($14.99/month) – All the benefits of a 3-month subscription plus:
– Featured status
– Priority in customer support
– Chance to get more matches

I have tried Pure App and it offers various subscription options with their respective prices and features. Here’s a breakdown of the available subscriptions:

  • The 7-day trial costs $14.99 and grants access to all premium features for a week.
  • For a 1-month subscription priced at $29.99, you receive unlimited chat requests, full access to the photo vault, and the ability to cancel anytime.
  • The 3-month subscription costs $64.99 (which averages to approximately $21.66 per month). In addition to the benefits of a 1-month subscription, it includes invisible mode, advanced search filters, and enables you to see who liked your profile.
  • The 6-month subscription is priced at $89.99 (averaging $14.99 per month). It provides all the advantages of a 3-month subscription, along with featured status, priority in customer support, and an increased chance of getting more matches.

These options offer users the flexibility to choose a subscription plan that aligns with their preferences and budget.

Design & Usability

With its sleek and minimalist design, Pure App captivates users with its vibrant colors and impeccable aesthetics. The developers have utilized a combination of soothing pastel hues and striking bold tones to create an eye-catching interface that is both visually appealing and intuitive.

The color scheme employed throughout the app reinforces its purpose – to facilitate connections in a discreet yet exciting way. Soft blues are used for navigation elements, creating a sense of calmness, while pops of vibrant orange add energy and draw attention to important features or notifications.

In terms of usability, Pure App has been thoughtfully designed with simplicity in mind. Navigating through the app is a breeze as the menus are easily accessible from one touchpoint to another. The clean layout ensures information is presented in a clear manner which minimizes distractions.

Signing up for Pure App is straightforward – new users can quickly register by linking their social media accounts or using their phone number. Once logged in, users can effortlessly customize their profile settings like choosing display preferences or setting desired search criteria. This user-friendly approach enables individuals to get started within seconds, allowing them to focus on connecting with potential matches rather than wasting time on navigating complex interfaces.

Furthermore, the streamlined design does not compromise functionality as every feature serves a purpose without overwhelming the user. Browsing profiles, sending messages, or indicating mutual interest requires minimal effort due to well-placed icons and intuitive gestures. Scrolling through potential matches remains smooth even when dealing with large numbers of profiles presented at once.

However, it should be noted that by purchasing a paid subscription on Pure App, users unlock additional UI improvements that enhance their overall experience.

These benefits may include enhanced visibility in search results or access to advanced filtering options tailored to specific preferences. While these extras provide added convenience for those seeking more targeted connections, they do not detract from the primary goal of providing all users with a seamless and satisfying platform for meeting new people.

In conclusion, Pure App’s design and usability merge harmoniously to create an engaging and intuitive experience. Its captivating color palette, coupled with its effortless navigation and clear presentation of information, make it a standout choice in the realm of dating apps. For those seeking further refinements and tailored experiences, opting for a premium subscription opens up additional UI improvements without detracting from the core simplicity and accessibility that Pure App offers to all users.

What Makes Pure App Worth Trying

  • Pure App is cost-effective, as it offers free registration and basic features. Unlike other dating sites and apps that require costly subscriptions or in-app purchases to access all features, Pure App allows users to create a profile and browse personal ads without any additional charges.
  • The app stands out for attracting a diverse community of online women. With its user-friendly interface and emphasis on privacy and safety, Pure App has become a popular choice among women seeking genuine connections. The platform’s commitment to fostering a safe and respectful environment sets it apart from many other sites and apps that may fall short in this regard.
  • The chat screen feature on Pure App streamlines the communication process by allowing users to instantly engage in conversations. This standout feature eliminates the need for endless scrolling and searching, enabling efficient and timely interactions between potential matches.
  • Pure App pays attention to the importance of profile pictures, which facilitates effective first impressions. Users have the option to upload multiple pictures, thus providing potential matches with a better sense of their appearance, personality, and interests. This helps to enhance the overall user experience and increase the chances of making meaningful connections.
  • One of the distinguishing factors of Pure App is its emphasis on personal ads. By encouraging users to write creative and engaging descriptions of themselves and their desires, the app ensures that individuals can express their preferences, expectations, and intentions clearly. This unique approach sets the stage for more honest and open conversations, separating Pure App from platforms that solely rely on superficial swiping.
  • Pure App’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure online environment separates it from competitors. Through stringent verification processes and moderation systems, the app actively works to minimize fake profiles, bots, and unwanted spam. This dedication to user safety instills confidence and trust, making Pure App an appealing choice for those seeking a reliable and secure dating experience.

Pure App features

Pure App offers a range of both free and paid features, providing users with the flexibility to choose their desired level of engagement. With its unique functionalities, Pure App aims to enhance the online dating experience for both male and female users. The platform enables individuals to connect by creating personal ads and engaging in private chat conversations while maintaining confidentiality. Furthermore, Pure App prioritizes user privacy by not storing chat history or any personally identifiable information. Overall, Pure App offers an array of innovative features that cater to the needs and preferences of its diverse user base.

  • Chat History: Pure App allows users to have a chat history, enabling them to revisit previous conversations and continue their interactions seamlessly.
  • Personal Ad: With Pure App, users can create personal ads where they can add descriptions, preferences, and interests, helping them find the most compatible matches.
  • Male Users: Pure App caters to male users by providing a platform where they can connect with potential partners and explore various dating opportunities.
  • Female Users: Pure App also focuses on female users, offering them a safe and inclusive environment to meet new people and engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Anonymity: The app guarantees privacy and anonymity. User identities are kept confidential until both parties mutually agree to share more information.

Signing up

To create a new account on the Pure App, users must first download the app from their respective app store onto their mobile device. The Pure App is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, users can launch it to begin the registration process. The minimum required age to register on the Pure App is 18 years old. Users must verify their age during the registration process by providing accurate personal information such as name, birthdate, and gender.

After providing basic information, users will be prompted to upload a profile picture.

It’s worth noting that the Pure App values privacy and anonymity, so pictures are automatically blurred when initially uploaded. To view clear images of other users, a match needs to occur (when two people mutually express interest in each other).

Next step is creating a brief profile bio where users can share some details about themselves or what they’re looking for. This helps potential matches better understand one another before engaging in conversation.

The registration process also requires users to enter their location or allow location access permissions within the app. This allows users to find matches near them easily and efficiently.

When all necessary details have been provided, an email verification link will be sent to ensure that the registered email address belongs to the user. Following successful email verification, users gain access to all features of the app.

It’s important to note that while creating an account on the Pure App is free of charge, there are additional features and benefits available through paid membership options called Pure Memberships. These memberships offer perks such as unlimited chat time with matches rather than limited chat timers commonly experienced with free accounts.

In conclusion, registering for a new account on the Pure App involves downloading and installing it followed by verifying age through personal information and uploading a profile picture without private identity exposure upfront; adding additional optional but helpful biodata; sharing current location or permitting real-time tracking for convenience in finding suitable nearby connections; completing email verification; and accepting free account access or considering paid Pure Memberships for added advantages, including extended chat time limits.

  • Create a new account by downloading the Pure App from an app store.
  • Provide necessary personal information such as name, age, gender, and location during the sign-up process.
  • Choose a username and password for your account to secure it.
  • To access certain features and interact with other users, a paid membership is required.
  • Select a membership plan based on your desired duration (e.g., monthly, quarterly, or annually).
  • Make a payment using a valid credit card or other available payment methods to activate your paid membership.
  • Once signed up, you may begin browsing profiles, liking others, and engaging in conversations.
  • It’s important to note that Pure App has a chat timer feature, which limits the conversation time to encourage quick connections rather than prolonged chats.

Security & Safety

Safety and security are paramount when it comes to online dating applications. With the prevalence of scams, fake accounts, and concerns over privacy, users need reassurance that their personal information will be protected. Pure App recognizes the importance of safety and has implemented various measures to ensure its users have a secure experience.

Pure App takes user verification seriously. Upon sign-up, users are required to verify their email address before they can start using the platform. This initial step helps prevent bots and ensures that only genuine individuals join the app. Additionally, Pure App offers a two-step verification option for added security.

By enabling this feature, users receive an authentication code via SMS whenever they log in from a new device.

To combat fake accounts and profile photos that do not meet community guidelines, Pure App employs manual photo reviews conducted by trained moderators. These moderators scrupulously monitor uploaded images to prevent explicit or inappropriate content from being shared publicly on profiles.

The app also has a comprehensive privacy policy in place, which outlines how user data is collected, stored, and used by Pure App’s servers. The privacy policy assures users of their information’s confidentiality and provides clear instructions on how to report any violations or concerns regarding privacy breaches.

While Pure App has taken commendable measures to enhance safety and security for its users, there are potential areas for improvement in this regard as well. For instance, while user verification upon sign-up is necessary, additional identity checks could further increase trust among members by ensuring authenticity beyond just verifying an email address.

Another area where enhanced safety measures could be beneficial is with regards to chat encryption between users. Implementing end-to-end encryption would provide an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access to private conversations.

In conclusion, Pure App prioritizes the safety and security of its users through features such as email verification during registration processes and two-step verification options for login attempts from new devices. It goes above and beyond by manually reviewing profile photos to maintain community guidelines. Furthermore, the app has a robust privacy policy that underscores its commitment to data protection. However, implementing additional measures such as stronger identity verification and encrypted messaging would further enhance the overall safety and security of Pure App’s userbase.


Pure is a dating app that focuses on connecting people for casual encounters rather than long-term relationships. However, as of my research, it does not have an accompanying website. The absence of a website may be due to several reasons. One possibility is that the developers wanted Pure to exclusively operate as a mobile app, targeting users who prefer the convenience and accessibility offered by smartphones. By not creating a website, they may have aimed to streamline their resources and solely focus on improving the app’s performance and user experience.

By having no website, Pure also eliminates potential security risks associated with online platforms. Dating websites often become targets for hackers seeking personal information or financial gain through data breaches.

By limiting its presence primarily to the app realm, Pure reduces these risks and prioritizes user safety.

Although Pure App lacks a website, its mobile application offers numerous advantages for users searching for no-strings-attached connections. With its straightforward interface and intuitive design, Pure makes it easy for individuals to browse profiles and connect with others based on mutual interests and location.

The main advantage of using the Pure App lies in its anonymity feature. Unlike other dating apps where users are required to create detailed profiles or link their social media accounts, Pure allows individuals to remain discreet until they’ve established a connection with someone else on the platform. This ensures privacy and minimizes any potential fear or judgment associated with casual encounters.

In terms of disadvantages, since there is no public website available for Pure App, it limits the visibility of profiles beyond those actively using the app.

This can restrict potential matches when compared to dating platforms that utilize both websites and mobile applications.

Regarding usability, from user reviews and feedback found online – though I cannot verify this personally – it appears that Pure’s mobile application garners positive reception overall in terms of ease-of-use and navigation. Users appreciate its minimalist approach that focuses solely on connecting people quickly without unnecessary distractions or complications.

As an app intended specifically for mobile use, it is optimized for smartphones and tablets. Pure’s developers have likely invested significant effort in ensuring a seamless user experience on mobile devices with features and functionality tailored to the smaller screens.

In conclusion, while Pure App does not currently have a website accompanying its dating platform, this decision may be purposeful to prioritize user convenience, safety, and privacy. By focusing solely on their mobile application, Pure aims to create an intuitive and efficient casual encounter experience for its users through a carefully crafted interface that is optimized for various mobile devices.

Help & Support

Users can easily access support for Pure App through various channels. Firstly, there is a dedicated support page on the app’s website where users can find detailed information and solutions to commonly encountered issues. This support page serves as a comprehensive resource that addresses most queries and concerns relating to the app.

Additionally, users have the option to reach out to Pure App’s support team via email. The company provides an email address specifically designated for customer inquiries and feedback. Users can expect prompt responses from the support team, typically within 24-48 hours of submitting their query.

For those who prefer more direct communication, Pure App does not currently offer a phone number for customer support. However, they compensate for this by ensuring timely responses through alternative channels such as email or social media platforms.

To further aid users in finding quick resolutions to common problems, Pure App also has an extensive library of frequently asked questions (FAQs) available on its website. These FAQs cover a wide range of topics and provide concise but thorough answers to commonly raised concerns.

Compared to other alternatives in the market, it is evident that Pure App places great emphasis on providing accessible and efficient support avenues for its users. While some competitors may only offer limited modes of contact like email or chatbots with delayed response times, Pure App strives to provide timely assistance across multiple channels.

Through their well-maintained support page, responsive email correspondence, and comprehensive FAQ section, they ensure that users’ needs are met promptly and comprehensively.

In conclusion, accessing support for Pure App is straightforward thanks to their dedicated online resources such as the informative support page on their website which offers detailed troubleshooting guides. Additionally, contacting their responsive support team via provided email ensures rapid resolution of any outstanding issues or queries. With these robust options available at hand alongside their collection of helpful FAQs, it becomes clear that Pure App sets itself apart from others by prioritizing efficient user assistance.


1. Is Pure App legit?

Pure App is definitely legit! With its unique focus on finding no-strings-attached connections within a one-hour time frame, it delivers exactly what it promises. The app’s straightforward approach and user-friendly interface make it an excellent option for those seeking a casual encounter without any long-term commitments.

2. Is Pure App worth it?

Pure App is totally worth it if you’re seeking a spontaneous adventure. With its unique concept of matching users who want to meet up within one hour, it adds an exciting and instant dimension to online dating. Say goodbye to endless messaging, as Pure App cuts straight to the chase for some fun encounters!

3. What payment methods does Pure App accept?

Pure App accepts all major credit and debit cards as payment methods, ensuring a hassle-free experience while searching for exciting connections that last only one hour. So you can focus on making sparks fly without worrying about the boring stuff like payments!

4. How does Pure App work?

Pure App is like a fast-paced dating rollercoaster ride! It lets you browse profiles for an hour, swipe right if someone catches your eye, and start chatting. But remember, after that one-hour window, the magic disappears – so make every second count!

5. Is Pure App a scam?

No, Pure App is not a scam. It’s a legit dating app that focuses on connecting people who are looking for casual encounters within an hour of matching. Enjoy flirty fun without any strings attached!

6. How to find people on Pure App?

Finding people on Pure App is super straightforward! Simply create a profile, select your preferences, and let the app work its magic. Within one hour, you’ll be scrolling through potential matches in your area who are ready to connect – it’s as easy as that!

7. Can you send messages for free on Pure App?

Nope, you can’t send messages for free on Pure App. They have this interesting twist where once a match is made, you only have one hour to chat before the conversation disappears! So make it count and get chatting if you’re interested!


In sum, Pure App offers a unique and straightforward approach to online dating, focusing solely on casual encounters without the burden of long-term commitments. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation and efficient matching algorithms while maintaining an emphasis on safety and privacy. The app’s limited functionality may disappoint individuals seeking more in-depth features or lasting relationships. However, for those who desire uncomplicated interactions with like-minded individuals, Pure App presents a viable option within the vast landscape of digital dating platforms.

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